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what is loom?

loom is not a typical consulting agency. loom is much more – we are your partner on your journey to success! 

like how a loom helps to build a big picture while uniting smaller parts and pieces together – our consulting approach woven together with business development, technical & legal understanding, sales & analytical view and management expertise provides you a unique & client-tailored solution.

we train, prepare and strengthen you and your team with our services. in other words: we simply make you and your team better! 



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5300 hallwang | austria

contact info

+43 660 900 1393

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our services

rfi & rfp management
parking marketing
yield management
acceptance tests

why loom?

have you ever heard anybody say: we want to work with a consulting company that offers antiquated consulting service and that isn't interested in the behavior of and information about their customers? we haven't either.

that’s why we listen and we ask questions. we work with you to understand your needs before we offer you solutions.  rfi’s, rfp’s, studies, trainings, lunch & learns, operation and process reviews, customer analytics and additional revenue through marketing are services we offer to add value to your company. 

and even after you have selected a solution: loom is still your trusted companion!

everybody is fully engrossed in daily activities with no time to focus on process improvements, new ideas and technologies out there. that's where loom fills a huge void. we optimize your operations to utmost efficiency and find ways to monetize your asset and enhance cross-channel customer experiences. let loom show you how!

at the end of the day: we also really don’t know anyone that wants high unpredictable costs! that’s why we offer you a unique subscription pricing model which is scalable based solely on your requirements and needs. we make sure that your success is sustainable, updated and future-proof for fair predictable pricing!

our mission

long-lasting relationships result because we deliver open-minded client consulting, outstanding client value and memorable service. with our tailor-made consultative service approach based solely on your requirements and needs.

from general consulting services to detailed customer analytics and a flexible, highly specific and tailor-made solution based on your needs and requirements we can offer a solution through a carefully adapted, balanced and entirely different consulting approach. 

loom is your partner to substantially improve, strengthen and enhance your company’s success!


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